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Juts a little girl you see
<<2003-05-12 - 2.01pm>>

Man, today is hectic. My French oral is fast approaching and apparently I have half a wall to myself in the upcoming Art Exhibition. There's a big opening night on June 12th with drinks and posh outfits and everything, like a real gallery since lots of Important Poncy People come and see all the work since it's one of the strongest colleges for Art in the country. Strongest non-art centred colleges I mean. So, yeah, half a wall full of my colourful, crazy, haphazard stuff. They better bring sunglasses...

Speaking of sunglasses, I'm already almost a week closer to my holiday. Not cole enough, of course. If life had a remote control I'd be holding down the fast-forward button right about now.

Went to Rob's last night, didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I got him to watch Sister Act 2 and Legally Blonde with me, lol, he didn't object too much. I just sent him a Private Message on Emutalk and he's online cause it's his lunch break.

The sex thing is bothering me. Hmm. Lol, yeah, enough said.

If I do well in my driving lesson in a couple of hours, then I can finally book my driving test. About time!

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